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1. Property class of fasteners: 8.8, 10.9 and 12.9; 10.9 and 12.9 on the richter scale.
2. Size: Threads from M12 to M100 in diameter with the length going up to 2 meters. For stud bolts, the maximum  size can be fulfilled
    up to M100, and the length up to 10 meters.
3. Machining precision: CNC is mainly used for after-finishing machining and the precision can reach 0.02 millimeters.  Grinding
    machines' precision can reach 0.002 millimeters.
4. Raw materials: raw materials normally include 35CrMoA, 42CrMoA, B7, 42CrMo4V, 40CrNiMoA, 34CrNiMo6, 314,  and 316, etc..
5. Product surface treatments include plain, dacromet, magni, black, zinc plating, and hot dip galvanizing, etc..
6. Application fields: Mainly used on area as following:
A. High-speed railways, motor train unit,urban rail transit
B. Vessel cranes, offshore cranes
C. High-pressure pumps,Vacuum pump
D. Fastening of mining machinery
E. Amusement devices
F. Wind-fix and other fields.
7. Batch management: Our products perform
    100% batch management.
8. Decarburization situation: Rolling is done 100% after
    heat treatment, no oxidation or decarburization.
9. Product NDT: we can provide 100% magnetic particle NDT

Products Photos of Shanghai Caifu  
For High-speed railways, motor train unit,urban rail transit
10.9C/ 12.9 Hex Bolt M12~M14
10.9 12 Flower Flange Bolt M14XL
8.8 M24XL Hex Bolt, Pin & Bush
8.8 M12XL Square Head Bolt
10.9 Bolt M12XL Fission plate connection bolt
D25X61 Pin
10.9 12 Flower Flange Bolt MDXL
12.9C Hex Bolt M20XL
For Vessel cranes, offshore cranes.
10.9 DIN938 Stud Bolt M16~M52
12.9 Socket Bolt M16*L~XM80*L
10.9C Plug Screw M42*L
8.8 Plug Screw M42*L
For High-pressure pumps,Vacuum pump.
10.9 M24XL Stud Bolt
10.9 M72XL Stud Bolt
10.9 M72 Barrel Nut
12.9 M24X2.0XL, Socket Bolt
For Fastening of mining machinery.
3/4''-10UNC-3AXL Hexagon Bolt with Hole at Head
1-1/8''-7UNC-3AXL Stud Bolt
1-1/4''-7UNC Hex Nut
1-1/4''-7UNCXL-3A Hex Bolt
1 1/4-12UNF*L Hex Bolt
1-1/4'' Washer
1-1/8''-7UNC-3B The Thicken Hexagon Flange Nut
DIN931 M16XL Hex Bolt
Wind -Fix and Others
DIN7991 10.9 M16XL Socket Flat Head Screw
10.9 M20XL Barrel Bolt
10.9 M12XL Stud Bolt
10.9 M12XL Stud Bolt
DIN961 10.9 M12X1.25X L Hex Bolt
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